Director of Strategy


An award winning journalist and communications professional, in recent years Fran has also turned her hand to video production, focussing on television commercials and corporate documentaries. 

Fran has a passion for authentic storytelling and is highly skilled in communication, media liaison, copywriting and all aspects of public relations. She holds a Masters Degree in Communication Management, Graduate Diploma in Journalism and a Bachelors Degree in Sports Science she’s never really used!

Fran lives in the hills with her husband and two little terrors, their rescue dog Fergie and several chickens who are part of a neighbourhood chicken community... but that’s  another story. 



Creative Director


Dom has worked in film, tv and radio for ten years. She studied broadcast journalism at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and spent eight years presenting on a lifestyle program for Channel 7.

Dom has years of experience producing factual entertainment for a number of national and international broadcasters including ABC TV, Active TV, Shine, Joined Up Films, and Magistan Media (Singapore). 

In 2017 Dom was one of five Australian women to receive funding from Screen Australia's Doco 180 initiative. 

A swimming world masters silver medallist, Dom spends many hours in the pool or at the beach, she dreams of owning a bulldog and drinks a. lot. of. tea.

NB: Dom and Fran are sisters, practically twins - just born five years apart!